SOS Garage Door Chain Off Track

With a Garage Door Chain Off Track situation, your home or business will not have the security that you need in order to protect yourself, your family and your business. This is why we make these types of service calls our priority.

Once your Garage Door Comes Off Track, you need to get that repair done immediately. You also need to stop attempting to operate the garage door, as well. If you don’t, serious damage can result, which may lead to a potential hazard for anyone near the door.
That’s because, the track to your garage door may lose its anchoring and cause the garage door to derail and actually come off the wall itself! This can result in very heavy equipment falling to the ground, while endangering anyone who happens to be standing nearby. Also, the equipment, itself, may break and need replacement.

How does a garage door come off track?

Obstructed Track – most times it’s just a simple rake handle that fall into the track, or the track accidentally bend, causing an obstruction and making the garage door come down and also goes off.
Loose Hardware – If you’re wondering what causes a garage door to come track, the daily up and down movement of the door causes the nuts and bolts holding the door together to work them loose; making the door puts stress on different parts which eventually causes the door to become off track.
Someone hit the door with the car: sometimes homeowners who try to exit the garage door can accidentally hit the door with the car. In that case the repair could be simple or complicated, it all depend on the damage level to the door. Even though it might seem simple to push the roller back into the tracks, hoping that the door will work again. But what you do not really know is that doing so can be dangerous, it is advisable to call a garage door technician to fix the door for you, be sure that it is safe for use again, and only then can you get back to use the door. Trying to operate an off track garage door is hazardous, because it can fall completely out of tracks.

One of the most typical factors that cause off-track doors is when one or perhaps both of the garage door cables break or the garage door cable off track. In a situation where the garage door cable came off track major problems could develop as the cables serve as cushion for weight of the door and provide support to the door while the door is in motion down and up. Garage door cables operate for quite a very long time when there is no harsh handling; therefore the most common reason behind their deterioration is wear and tear.

Why Choose SOS Garage Door Repair?

Call SOS Garage Door Repairat any hour of the day (past midnight, before sunrise, no problem!!) or any day of the year (weekends or holidays no problem!!). We take pride in announcing us as a 24 hour garage door services provider specializing in garage door roller replacement, garage door opener, cable, spring and other needs. For repair, replacement and maintenance of garage doors at a reasonable price, our loyal customers trust us. This means you can depend on us to keep the garage door repair cost within your budget.

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